Nelly Greenberg Serves as Panelist in the UNO “Success Series: Life as a Lawyer”

Attorney Nelly Greenberg was a panelist in University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO)’s “Success Series: Life as a Lawyer.”  The “Success Series” is a career exploration program that offers ways for students to explore different occupations and career paths.  Nebraska Law alumni participated in the panel discussion to help students interested in pursuing law school understand what various practice areas are like, what lawyers do, what a typical day or week is like, and how each attorney chose their career path .  All alumni who participated were from diverse backgrounds, and included a Judge on the Douglas County Separate Juvenile Court, an immigration attorney, and a partner from a small firm.  Nebraska Law Dean Richard Moberly moderated the panel.


Legal Administrative Assistant Named Legal Professional of the Year

Congratulations to Laura Cejka who was name Legal Professional of the Year by the Omaha Legal Professionals Association.  Laura has been at Lamson, Dugan & Murray for two years and she was nominated for her hard work and dedication not only to her attorneys and our Firm, but the legal profession as a whole.  Partner Cathy Trent-Vilim who nominated Laura said “she is proactive, conscientious and genuinely cares about doing the right thing the right way.  She also said that Laura is the textbook definition of professional”.  We are proud of Laura and her  accomplishments here at LDM.


Trial Dismissal Affirmed on Appeal

Congratulations to Brian J. Brislen, Sarah F. Macdissi, Cathy S. Trent-Vilim and Spencer R. Murphy on their win at the trial court level and affirmance by the Nebraska Court of Appeals.  Brian and Sarah succeeded in getting the suit, premised upon an unenforceable non-compete agreement, dismissed at the trial court level.  On appeal, Cathy and Spencer succeeded in getting the trial court’s ruling summarily affirmed on grounds that the plaintiff’s appeal was moot.


Trial Win Preserved on Appeal

A team of LDM partners worked together to obtain a successful outcome of a case at the trial court level, and then to protect the win on appeal.  Patrick G. Vipond obtained a dismissal at the trial court level; Brian J. Brislen wrote a winning appellate brief; and Cathy S. Trent-Vilim argued the appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Dismissal of Suit Against Psychiatrists and Psychologists Affirmed by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

In January 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit affirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by a former mental patient against various mental health providers.  Jason W. Grams argued the appeal on behalf of five of the providers.  William M. Lamson, Jr. and Michael L. Storey orchestrated dismissal of the suit in the district court.  The Eighth Circuit affirmed the dismissal on qualified immunity and sovereign immunity grounds. 


Patrick Vipond and Sarah Dempsey Obtain Summary Judgment Victory

In March 2017, Patrick G. Vipond and Sarah M. Dempsey obtained a summary judgment order dismissing a medical malpractice action.  Mr. Vipond and Ms. Dempsey represented a hospital, a physician, and the physician’s medical practice in an action filed by a child and his family for medical malpractice.  Mr. Vipond and Ms. Dempsey were successful in arguing that the plaintiffs’ expert witness was not qualified to give an opinion that the defendants were negligent in their care and treatment of the plaintiff.

Lamson, Dugan & Murray Sponsors Creighton Law Review’s 2017 Symposium

The Creighton Law Review held its 2017 Symposium on Thursday, March 16.  Lamson, Dugan & Murray sponsored the event, which focused on The Lawyer’s Leadership Role: A Tour of Legal Ethics.  The speakers included Professor John McKay, Arnold J. Johnson, J. Scott Paul, and Adam White.  Over 300 attorneys attended the Symposium and a reception was held afterward to celebrate Creighton Law Review’s fiftieth anniversary.  Spencer Murphy, a former law clerk and current associate at the firm, was the editor- in-chief last year and Claire Wilka, a current third year law clerk, is the current editor-in-chief.  It is rare that clerks from the same firm are editors-in-chief, back to back.

To learn more about the Symposium and the topics presented, you can subscribe to receive the articles published by the speakers in the fourth edition of the fiftieth volume here:; or follow Creighton Law Review on Twitter here:


Congratulations Anne Marie O’Brien and Daniel J. Hassing

In January 2017, Anne Marie O’Brien and Daniel J. Hassing received a defense verdict after a five day jury trial in Douglas County District Court.  The Plaintiff had sued under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act, a federal statutory scheme governing workplace injuries for railroad employees working in furtherance of interstate commerce.  The Plaintiff alleged that he had suffered whiplash injuries to his cervical spine when the locomotive he was sitting in was “coupled” or “joined” with another locomotive in an unreasonably unsafe manner.  Over the course of the five-day trial, Ms. O’Brien and Mr. Hassing presented hours of testimony regarding the customs of railroad operations, the physics involved in railroad “couplings,” and the biomechanics of how the human body reacts in such situations.  Relying on the testimony that Ms. O’Brien and Mr. Hassing presented, the jury returned a verdict for the defense.